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KAL’s new Software-on-Standby (SoS) offering helps banks with an ATM software ‘insurance plan’

We are excited to announce the launch of a new standby service for banks that do not yet use KAL technology.

kal software on standby sos

Software-on-Standby (SoS) is a strategic ATM software ‘insurance plan’ designed to de-risk ATM fleets and reduce banks’ reliance on their current software solution. The service is powered by the same Kalignite technology that global ATM networks rely on to manage $2 trillion per year. It involves running Kalignite software in production on a small number of ATMs. Complete with pre-approved functionality and features that match bank-specific requirements, this standby installation will remain available for immediate, network-wide rollout whenever needed.

This offering is the first of its kind. It marks an exciting step forward for KAL as we expand our service base in response to shifting market dynamics and uncertainties. As financial institutions grow increasingly dependent on ATMs (and ATM vendors) to deliver services, Software-on-Standby (SoS) puts stability and business continuity at the forefront.

Our new SoS service gives banks the opportunity to:

  • Keep a like-for-like ATM software alternative available on standby
  • Support any ATM hardware they choose
  • Leverage KAL’s unmatched expertise
  • Migrate an entire fleet to Kalignite with ease and speed (when needed)

“It is KAL’s belief that today's ATM networks need a solid plan B,” said Steve Hensley, KAL’s EVP of Global Sales. “With our new Software-on-Standby (SoS) offering, banks can keep Kalignite running on a small number of ATMs with no license costs, and the readiness to deploy network-wide at any time using our remote-reimage technology.”

For more information, please click here.