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KAL takes top position as world's #1 ATM software supplier in 2023 report

As the world’s leading provider of ATM software in the ‘multivendor – excluding own hardware’ category, KAL shines in the ATM Software 2023 report from RBR Data Services (a division of Datos Insights). Findings from strategic research experts reveal that KAL software is ahead of the competition in several key areas - based on installed base and country footprint.

KAL takes top position as world number 1 ATM software supplier

Kalignite Platform is the world’s leading software platform

With nearly 145,000 worldwide installations, KAL’s Kalignite Platform is the number one software platform in the ‘multivendor, excluding own hardware’ category. Globally, it runs on 13% more devices than our nearest competitor. RBR data reveals Platform’s impressive regional market share – most notably in the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Europe. It is also the most-installed solution of its kind for unified hardware fleets (featuring machines from a single vendor).

KAL outsizes the competition based on country footprint

Along with Kalignite Platform, KAL’s K3A and NDC applications are installed in more countries than any other provider under the ‘multivendor – excluding own hardware’ definition. The Kalignite Platform currently runs in 46 of the 63 countries covered by RBR’s ATM Software 2023 report. We’re installed in 13 countries more than the next-best performer and our technology has expanded into multiple countries since 2021.

It's great to be on top

In the words of Steve Hensley, KAL’s EVP of Sales and Marketing:

We’re incredibly proud of these achievements and RBR’s latest findings serve as yet another confirmation of KAL's enduring impact as an ATM industry forerunner.