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Drive to the future of self-service banking with KAL’s KTH host system

Kalignite Terminal Host (KTH) is KAL’s fully-integrated card acquiring host system for ATM, kiosk and point-of-sale networks of all sizes. It is highly reliable, massively scalable and widely connected - providing mission-critical support for financial institutions and processors. Banks can depend on Kalignite Terminal Host (KTH) as a robust, low-cost alternative to conventional host transaction processing systems.

 Drive to the future of self service banking with KTH

Introducing KTH

KTH is a fully-integrated acquiring host transaction processing system. It is optimized for banks and processors seeking to replace or extend existing processing systems. It operates at the heart of all online transaction activities in self-service networks – providing highly reliable interconnections between transaction terminals (ATMs, kiosks and POS devices), internal systems (network APIs, core systems) and external systems (card schemes).

KTH drives terminals and performs end-to-end transaction processing that covers authenticating, routing, switching, authorization, acquiring and settling. It is also a card scheme gateway with direct Visa, Mastercard and American Express connection points. For advanced cryptographic security, KTH provides industry-compliant remote key loading (RKL) and full HSM support. It is robust, highly configurable and designed to evolve – enabling rapid software development with support for new transaction types whenever needed.

Key KTH benefits

As part of KAL’s market-leading Kalignite software suite, KTH is designed for forward-thinking banks that want to stay ahead of competition in a rapidly changing world. 

Gain exceptional resilience.

KTH runs without failure in all circumstances with a highly resilient software architecture that ensures maximum availability. It is specifically engineered to deliver high-volume transaction throughput with world-class performance. KTH runs on servers located on the bank premises and / or in the cloud with “hot / hot” failover capability – making it ideal for banks that demand full redundancy.  

Designed to scale as you grow.

KTH is built to scale. It can run in a virtualized environment with a microservices architecture that enables banks to implement, update and scale distinct services as required. Organizations providing ATM host processing services can also use KTH to support multiple clients – including those in different countries.  

KTH article scalability

Achieve total connectivity.

Alongside connecting with transaction terminals, KTH integrates with the core banking host, HSMs, network APIs (web services), proprietary server systems and external systems. Within the Kalignite software suite, it is tightly integrated with K3A (KAL’s Advanced ATM Application) and KTC (KAL’s management system).

Be flexible. Be ready.

KTH supports all traditional transaction types and is highly adaptable to meet future needs. Support for new functionality is robust and reliable – leveraging KTH connections with network APIs and external networks like card schemes. KAL’s host system can also orchestrate diverse services in a unique and powerful way to create entirely new transactions.

KTH includes a powerful software development kit (SDK) called the KTH Design Studio - empowering banks to be self-reliant and create their own extensions and enhancements as needed. The KTH Design Studio is very similar to the SDK for KAL’s K3A application. It readily facilitates the development of new capabilities via easily configurable, pre-built components. Bank IT teams can seamlessly apply any existing K3A Design Studio skills to KTH development and provide in-house implementation and testing services from “end-to-end” (tightly integrating the ATM with the host).

KTH is leading forward-thinking banks into the future

In the words of KAL’s Chief Technology Officer Michel Denis:

Today, KTH is technologically richer and more scalable than ever before – particularly for organizations that are still using older technology. It enables banks to bring new transaction types to ATM fleets in a quick and highly cost-effective manner - from selling customers financial products to enhancing security with the latest cryptographic technologies.

KTH is ideal for banks that want a modern, robust solution to completely replace or update the capability of existing host systems. To find out more, please visit the official KTH webpage or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..