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New major version of the XFS global standard for ATMs is now available for preview

The standardization committee for XFS, led by KAL, DN and NCR, has made available a preview of the new V4 of the XFS specification known as XFS4IoT.


The new standard for ATM software, called XFS4IoT, is highly anticipated by the ATM industry and will enable ATM software to be cloud-based and OS-agnostic.

Today, software using XFS version 3 is running globally on ATMs around the world.  XFS4IoT is the new major version of the global XFS software standard. XFS enables a single ATM application to run on hardware from multiple vendors’ machines – known as “multivendor ATM software” in the industry.

XFS4 is a major leap forward for the 25-year-old standard. It allows hardware devices, such as a card reader or a cash dispenser, to be exposed directly into a cloud application as a service – securely. These XFS services may now be implemented using any operating system, such as Windows or Linux, with native support for end-to-end security built-in to the new standard itself.

Additionally, XFS4 now allows ATMs to be deployed from hardware components procured from multiple manufacturers.

Steve Hensley, KAL’s Executive Vice President, said: “XFS4IoT will create a new level of innovation in the ATM industry by being both OS-agnostic and cloud-native, and ready to take on the new era of IoT devices”.

You can see a preview of the specification on GitHub

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