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KAL Runtime Environment

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Kalignite Platform

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At the core of all Kalignite solutions is the Kalignite Platform. Built on the XFS standard and available for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and XP, it provides everything needed for functionally-rich, robust multivendor applications for ATMs and all types of self-service systems.

KAL ATM applications

KAL’s application family provides complete ATM functionality and can be modified and extended by KAL, banks, and KAL partners.

K3A - Kalignite Advanced ATM application

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The K3A ATM application includes all of the ATM functionality required by the most advanced banks, including a full set of ATM transactions, cash and check deposits with imaging, cash recycling, transaction preferences, targeted and general marketing, advertising, and many other features.

K3A provides a full featured integrated development environment called the K3A Design Studio, supporting access to all application development tools from a single integrated environment.

Kalignite NDC application

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The Kalignite NDC application is a “drop-in” solution that upgrades any NDC network to the newest generation of multivendor NDC technology. Kalignite NDC is uniquely multivendor compliant and provides a "full emulation" of the NDC specification. It provides added features, transactions and services for customers while retaining the existing NDC infrastructure.

KTC Management System

The KTC Management System family offers a complete remote management solution.

KTC - Kalignite Terminal Controller

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KTC is an enterprise-wide ATM management solution that provides a comprehensive range of system management and monitoring features for the world’s most advanced ATM networks. KTC features include software distribution, real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics, reporting, asset management, marketing campaign management, trouble ticketing, notification, and other fully integrated features.

KTC provides a direct secure connection from each ATM in the network to the KTC server. This connection provides immediate, real-time access to information needed to effectively manage and monitor the ATMs.

KTH – Kalignite Terminal Handler

KTH is KAL’s Terminal Handler for driving bank ATMs. It is designed to be installed on servers within the bank’s datacenter and is able to drive ATMs via a secure network connection.

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KTH is used as a front-end to a bank’s host system on the ATM channel and is able to authenticate ATM users and authorize cash withdrawals and other financial transactions in real-time.

  • KTH can connect to ATMs using multiple protocols, including nexo over HTTPS. KTH was the first in the world to go live with the new nexo ATM protocol

  • KTH is able to orchestrate any number of back-end services using any existing protocol on a bank’s internal network, including ISO 8583, web-services, enterprise service buses, etc.

  • KTH is able to connect to external service providers too, allowing it to deliver new services to ATMs (eg DCC)

  • KTH supports HSMs and is able to deliver master keys to ATMs (ie RKL)

  • KTH is designed to run on low-cost Windows Servers and may be virtualized

  • The dual datacentre architecture allows automatic failover and utilizes clustering technology with “always on” availability groups

  • KTH is highly customizable and allows banks to create new transaction types quickly and easily

  • KTH is integrated with KAL’s K3A ATM application and with KAL’s KTC management system

  • KTH is omni-channel ready and is able to drive POS terminals and kiosks