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Now available to download, the 2023 ATM & Self-service Software Trends report features the latest market insights, quotes and survey responses from over 350 global colleagues. With this publication, KAL and ATM Marketplace have successfully delivered 16 years of top-rated research benefitting all ATM industry stakeholders.  

KAL and ATM Marketplace publish 2023 edition of number one annual report

Project background

The ATM & Self-service Software Trends report is one of the ATM industry’s most-downloaded annual resources and has been in circulation since 2007. It is shaped by input from hundreds of ATM industry colleagues – including financial institutions, fintech companies and service providers. The report combines these insights with external research findings and broader market observations to create a detailed picture of the current ATM and self-service landscape. We also aim to give a sense of where the industry is headed in the future.

Inside the 2023 ATM Software Trends report

Our latest insights suggest that while the ATM and self-service industry is here to stay, it’s no longer business as usual. The 2023 ATM Software Trends report observes key dynamics relating to:

  • Demand for physical branches, ATMs and cash
  • Advanced ATM functionality
  • The growing need to keep ATM networks secure
  • Alternative operating systems and the XFS4IoT standard
  • Outsourcing and transaction processing

Download the report or watch the on-demand webinar

The 2023 ATM Software Trends report is free to download. All you need to do is request a copy via the ATM Marketplace website, and we will email you the PDF.

If you prefer to engage via video, why not watch the recording of our 60-minute 2023 ATM Software Trends Overview webinar? The session features a summary of the report and a fireside chat with special guests from Regions Bank and Payment Redesign Ltd.